Monday, January 10, 2005

Am I crazy?

Am I seriously considering spending almost $600 to end two of my little buggers to The Little Gym once a week, for a paltry hour? To the utter dismay of my husband, the answer appears to be yes.

I've had this blog set up since New year's Day and haven't been inspired to write anything yet. But I think that I need to just get used to writing again, and the rest will hopefully follow. How's that for a leap of faith?

So back to my rambling, as the children are watching PBS - God love PBS and their lack of commercials - and I figure I've got about 10 more minutes before someone drags me away from the computer. Can it possibly be worth that much money to get a structured activity for one afternoon a week?

Hmmm. As I'm writing this, my oldest, just over 4 years old, is head butting me and begging to have a friend over to play.

So much for PBS.

Worse, he's head butting me in the vagina because I am sitting in the chair in front of the computer with my legs slightly apart. But I got him back by farting on him, so it's all good.

Ah, the indignities of motherhood.

Yes, and here comes the 2 1/2 year old, playing with her brother's batman figures. "The batmans are dancing," she claims, and I have to wonder what sort of impact her brother's testosterone will have on her adolescence.

"Batman is a tree," she says.

Batman is a tree! Posted by Hello

I applaud her imagination.

Once, I told Riley a joke:

"Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!"

He responded by running to the front window.

"There's no chicken," he said. "You made a mistake!"

So ALARMINGLY literal. I repeated the joke for Bella, my 2 year old. She laughed, thank God. It's amazing how two children can be so different. It makes me wonder what the third one will be like...

Well, the littlest princess awakens and the day must go on. At least I can watch Oprah while I nurse.


Blogger The Wife said...

Good luck on getting into the groove of writing. I've been trying to blog on and off for a year now (some other bloggers put me up to it, I'm not a writer!). I'm enjoying reading you, so I hope you keep it up.


3:38 PM  

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