Wednesday, April 13, 2005

That oldest one is goofy

Tonight Riley sprayed water on Bella with the garden hose, which was unacceptable because it's like, 50 degrees. Anyway, I put him in time out outside and he cried because he thought we were going to leave him out there.

"You can't leave me out here! Because there's bats and other stuff out here!"

"Well, the bats gets hungry too", I quipped.

"You can't leave me out here! I'm a part of your family! And if the bats eat me, then my sisters won't even have a big brother anymore, and you won't even have me anymore. And I make funny jokes and stuff!"


Yeah, I let him in. It is my anniversary and all - nine years.

Bella, well, I might have let her get eaten by bats. Recently, she's applied my nail polish to her lips (and her hands and feet, and the bedroom floor) and vanished at a live showing of Dora the Explorer (she decided to sit down next to the people three rows behind us - I actually had the security staff scouring the place before I found her).

We are waiting to see if Adelyn has actually acquired the Chicken Pox virus that was running rampant at a birthday party we went to last week, so if she's diseased, the bats might not eat her. But she is plump, and probably quite tasty.

If she does actually get chicken pox, it might prevent us from staying in our local Hilton this weekend for a much needed respite from the kids.

So, she probably has it.

Ah, but there is the anniversary carrot cake beckoning me from the dining room.

Weigh-in, shmay-in, I always say.


Blogger Carolyn said...

Riley is a pretty creative guy. I love his arguments. My daughter did the same thing with my nail polish, except for painting her lips. She just managed to get it on her hands and smear it all around her eyes. Fun times!

12:31 PM  
Blogger Territorial said...

Oh never get rid of the funny one.

Chicken pox there too huh? A couple of my daycare kids have been exposed to it.....just waiting it out...taking bets who will break out first.

3:17 PM  
Blogger Stolidoli said...

Good Lord, even Bella knew not to put any on her EYES. That's awful! Fun times indeed!

We are now waiting out both chicken pox AND scabies. Someon should just put me out of my misery if we end up with both. Here's hoping we ALL stay clean!

3:37 PM  

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