Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Money money money money...MON-ey!

Tuesday afternoons are all about playgroup. And while we don't indulge in bloody marys like some other moms (moms who are much luckier than I am), play group has turned into a $100 affair.

Once a week.

Every. Week.

First come the appetizers, for the kids and the adults. Seven layer dip, cheese and crackers, grapes, pretzels, you name it. Then we progress to pizza - always from the same pizzeria - two plain pies (cut in tiny pieces) and one white spinach and tomato (the ladies got class). Finally, the kids have dessert (usually glazed donuts, sometimes cupcakes or cookies as well) and the moms have tea and cake (cheesecake, apple pie, etc). The hostess buys everything for that week, and the playgroup moves from house to house on a rotating schedule.

Now, this is my only playgroup experience, and aside from drooling over the cocktails served at other people's functions (I would chug mojitos every day, given the opportunity), I have no basis for comparison. There are six boys, 4 -5 years old, and three younger siblings (two of them mine). Do people usually do all of this fussing and cutting cheese and buying cheesecake and the like for playgroup? Weekly? I thought we'd just drink diet cokes and watch the kids body slam each other until they passed out. Guess not. Anyway, I so desperately enjoy the socialization that I could care less if it cost me $200 every time I did it.

Which is probably why we are struggling for money to build our addition. That and I like granite countertops and double convection wall ovens. I am like, so totally awesome in the kitchen and would love to actually have counter space with which to express my culinary expertise.

And an hour a week at The Little Gym for Riley and Bella. A girl can dream, right?


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