Friday, July 01, 2005

Heading Out

Yeah, we've been busy doing the requisite nothing of summer. Our local "Summer Playground," God love it, keeps the kids (save for Adelyn, of course) occupied in the morning, and then we're off to the pool, and home for Adelyn's second nap and dinner preparation. It seems like nothing, but it fills my days.

And now we are on vacation for a week, starting tomorrow, so really I'm no fun.

But when I get back, I hope to write about Adelyn's recent prowess for imitating animal sounds, and my Google-whoring her anemia diagnosis into leukemia (thank God I have a brother who is a doctor or I'd still be convinced that there is something her pediatrician isn't telling me).

I'll also explain why I got 15 parenting books out of the library for Riley, and how Bella is still decidely NOT potty trained.

Oh, and the crazy drunk guy at the bar last night who kept telling me "You're a pretty girl!" Sadly, this made my night.

Anyway, I could vent about our new Supreme Court Justice vacancy and, and, as if that wasn't bad enough, how they pre-empted The View to tell me such horrible news, right when crazy Scientologist Tom Cruise was coming on, but really that would just be bitter of me.

But let's take a moment to marvel at the stupidity of this woman in Virgina, particularly in light of the recent deaths of three young boys in Camden, NJ. This is my favorite line in the article (the italics are mine):

"Ingersoll said the driver initially denied having children in the trunk, but then untied the rope that was holding the trunk shut and let out the children.


So have a safe and happy 4th of July. I'll be tying one on, but not on my trunk. Besides, I drive a minivan.


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