Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What the fuck???

While I appreciate being able to say FUCK as often as I wish -

Fuck Fuck FUCK!!

I am infuriated that the first half of tonight's post was completely washed away. It was about moving or expanding our house and our little town that we live in and our neighbors and how I wished someone was reading this blog and could throw in some objective advice - and eblogger has gone and tsunamied my post.

(Is it too early to make tsunami references with anything but horrified reverence? I saw a South Park episode once that talked about how AIDS was finally funny, as was anything, as long as you waited 20 years first. Anyway, just to clarify, the tsunami is decidely NOT funny but I do like the mental image of my words being swept off the page. I have a sick sense about me -sorry if I offend. But you know, I watch SOUTH PARK for God's sake. Read on at your own risk.)


The upside of this is that I have something else to ramble about in another post. Writer's block my ass.


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