Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The things we do for love

This is what I did tonight for Riley:

I suspended a water-filled plastic bottle (from my unused breast pump) in the toilet, with my bare hand hovering oh so close to his excrement-laden rectum, so that he could hang his penis in it while he tried to poop, because "I always pee when I poop and it will hurt!"

Strange days, indeed.


Blogger Territorial said...

I have tried posting here twice and Blogger keeps eating me.

Hope the little man is peeing better!

11:44 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Ahhh, a mother's love!

The poor guy!! What a thing for anyone to go through, let alone a child. It sounds like he was such a brave boy, and certainly deserves that toy you got him!

I have to admit I was LMAO at the "penis dancing". You tell the best penis stories! :)

We circumsized our son for the same reason - we thought he should look like his daddy. I tend to be lazy - I'm sure hoping now that I changed his diaper often enough!

((((hugs)))) to your brave boy, and to you too! So glad everything turned out fine.

2:07 AM  

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