Monday, August 15, 2005

Jury Duty

Did I mention that I always thought it would be cool to be on a jury?

I'm alleged to have jury duty tomorrow. I say that because I don't actually know until after 4pm today, when I log on to the county webpage and am informed of my fate. If they can do that, can't they just let me serve on a jury online???

My county is quite progressive! People who stay home with three children can use a county daycare for court related activities! Do you feel the love?

I have to report at 8:15, and it will take me almost an hour to get there. As Adelyn wakes at 7:30ish, and Bella and Riley at 8:30ish, I'll have to put them to bed this evening in their clothes for tomorow and feed them pop tarts in the car while they scream and cry about how tired the are. A nutritious breakfast!

But it's OK, I can't be too early. They open at 8:00, so that gives me 15 minutes to unpack their bags, settle them in, say goodbye, wrench my screaming children off of my legs, walk over to the courthouse, get through a security search and metal detector and then find the jury room and register. No problem!!

And, I get free parking! Woo-hoo! It's just two blocks from the daycare, up a steep hill. I'll have to pull the stroller out for Adelyn and have the kids help me carry the bags loaded with diapers, blankets, wipes, all three of their lunch and the gallon of milk my kids drink in a day. No problem!! Civic duty calls!

First, I planned to visit my old office over lunch! Without kids! But then I found out that I'm not allowed to leave the parking lot once I pull my car in first thing in the morning.

So I get a whopping $9 a day compensation for my civic duty, and I was thinking, hey! That almost buys me a sashimi lunch at the Japanese spot across from the court house! No driving! This isn't so bad!

So I called the drop-in daycare to register the children, as requested, and they tell me that I need to remove my children from their care on my lunch break. To feed them lunch.

So we can have a picnic! On the courthouse steps!

And then I asked if they could give Bella Tylenol for her fever, the one that she's had for a few days. "Oh, we can't take her if she's sick. You'll need to call someone to come and pick her up if she's sick."

If I had someone to watch them while I was on a fucking jury, would I be driving them to your daycare??

Do you think if I showed up in a white sheet or a "Fuck the Police" t-shirt that I would still get picked?


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