Friday, February 11, 2005

Shout out

I have so many comments! I just wanted to say thanks to Christine and Rowan for the site traffic, and to everyone that's stopped by, particularly those who have said hello. Hello! It's definitely nice to get some readers, though I didn't expect to care if I had any when I started out.

Don't I sound like a veteran? It's been a month.

Also, does your husband take risks with your glassware? Mine likes to put delicate highballs in the bottom rack of the dishwasher. The kicker is that they never break. I mean, how can you say "I Told You So" when nothing bad happens? Huh?


Anonymous Jenn said...

Doug insists that all delicate stemware should be washed by hand. Which on the surface sounds so wonderful. But the man has hands liek catchers mitts -- they are MASSIVE. And he sticks said hand into a glass to make sure it's really clean. So we now have one high ball left. And lots of bandaids have been sacrificed in the wash.


12:09 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

I'm glad I could send some people your way. I got more than one comment from people saying they loved your site!! (I love it, too!)

Just wait - the day will come, and he'll hear those words....

2:19 PM  
Blogger Stolidoli said...

Jenn - your husband breaks glasses WITH HIS HANDS??? Yikes.

And I am not looking forward to saying I told you so! I just want the glasses on the top rack where they belong!!

9:42 PM  

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