Monday, August 22, 2005

Reason #357 that I will never win a "Mother of the Year" award.

Bella pooped on the potty last night before her bath, and we told her that she could wear pretty panties this morning. Before she came downstairs, she had already dressed herself in Sleeping Beauty panties and a ballerina outfit.

Two hours later (after one successful run to the potty), she peed in her pants. The ballerina skirt was replaced by pink shorts.

A half an hour after that, she pooped in her swim diaper as I was getting everyone sunscreened and ready for the pool.

Just now, she pooped in her Dora panties.

She's back in a diaper. Screw the shorts, she gets to parade around like an infant.

I'm so angry I could throttle her. So you're really not allowed to punish them for potty accidents? I'd like to fucking kill her and I'm hoping that smeone could give me permission. At least I wouldn't have to pay for Pull Ups anymore.


Anonymous Lisa V said...

It's that time of year- potty training! We have been doing it, Jody at Raising WEG, Phantom at Phantom Scribbler. We should have a club.

I made Scruffy stay home from the park last night because he peed his pants. He went 10 weeks with no accidents, now he is doing it again. If I kill him, the D.A. will use my blog to prosecute me.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous M&Co. said...

I feel your pain. I sometimes think he actually WILL go to college in diapers.

8:01 PM  
Blogger Stolidoli said...

Yes, I should watch what I say publicly, shouldn't I? ;) I should rename this blog "Witness for the Prosecution."

Maybe we can have them be college roomates. By then they'll have coed rooms, right?

12:44 PM  

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