Saturday, August 27, 2005

Why did I have to mention diarrhea??

So here I am at work, clutching my stomach and moaning, when my illness transitioned from, umm, shall we say, Point A to Point B. At least it's a public restroom position that I can live with.

All is quiet here tonight, which is good, because we ended up having an exciting afternoon.

Vincent decided to take the kids to his sister's for dinner, and was inside packing up pajamas and other essentials while I hung outside with the kids. I had my head in the diaper bag when I heard Adelyn screaming behind me - Riley was swinging and had kicked Adelyn squarely in the mouth as she toddled in front of him.

Blood was everywhere. Adelyn was wailing and burying her bloody face into my new white shirt, so we couldn't get a good luck at her mouth to see where exactly she was bleeding from.

Yes, of course that means I took her to the ER. It's what I do in my free time. I like to pay people $75 to witness the torture that takes place in our home.

No stitches, thank God, just an antibiotic to curb infection and some TLC. And bruising and puffiness, of course. She will look A D O R A B L E in her beach vacation photos. I can hang them next to Bella's 4th of July pics for effect! We can make a Wall of Courage when the addition is complete, and I can dole out Purple Heart medals made out of construction paper.

You know, Bella's first trip to the ER was Riley's fault too, when she just under a year old. He threw fireplace soot (NOT hot, thank goodness) in both of her eyes and she suffered two scratched corneas. Vincent came home just as I was ripping Bella's clothes off to throw her in the bathtub. He took one look at her, then at me, and said calmly, "But honey? Why would I tell you to flour the children??" I almost hit him, but then he saved the day by having the forethought to toss Bella in the tub fully dressed. I can still remember trying to unbutton these tiny little buttons on her navy dress. And here I thought I was good in a crisis.

Someday Riley's sisters are going to get their revenge, and it will be ugly. I just hope that he's paying his own copays by then.


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