Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yes, yes, I'm back.

It was an excellent vacation, with lots of sunshine, fried food, sand, surf, and ice cream. Oh, and even fried oreos, which, if you've never had a fried oreo, than suffice it to say that you haven't lived. Seriously, those things are good.

Things have been chaotic since I've been back, and there's so much to talk about that I don't know where to begin.

Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I do.

Right now, my ass is saddled up in a size SIX pair of khakis, and they fit perfectly.


I weigh in at 7:00pm and if I lay off and eat a light dinner, I may actually meet my WW goal tonight.

But either way the pants look damn good, if I might say so myself.


Anonymous M&Co. said...

A size six! Yeah! And you met your goal. While on vacation and eating fried oreos. You are my hero!

12:00 AM  

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