Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A momentous day in the Riley-hood

What is Riley holding?
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This past Sunday, incidentally our last as a family of five, Riley was in dire need of a haircut and anted to spend time with Daddy. So, bearing celery sticks (he can't go anywhere without snacks, I married a snack guy) Vincent packed him up and off the two of them went.

He returned with slightly lopsided bangs and something in his hand. It seems that while chewing on his celery stick, Riley's very first tooth popped right out. And celery being as strange as it is, it stayed stuck inside.

About an hour later, while we were all at the pool eating dinner (did I mention that I have no kitchen?), Riley's other bottom tooth came out.

The tooth fairy and her tooth castle were two teeth richer come Monday morning, and Riley a whopping two dollars richer as well.

My little boy is now a buzz-cut, toothless grinned, diving board jumping big-pool swimming kindergarten-bound almost six year old.

But he still jumps into bed with me every morning with a big hug and an "I love you Mommy." And I reach my arms around him, since I can no longer pick him up, and tell my baby boy how much I love him too. For the sweet baby boy that he once was, and for all of the wonder that he has become.


Blogger Marsha said...

I'm so thrilled (irrationally so, actually) that the Tooth Fairy leaves a dollar per tooth at your house, too. We're on lost tooth #3 here tonight and my son just found out that one of his friends gets $5 per tooth and was feeling a bit cheated. Glad to have the ammo for the inevitable morning discussion of "One is less than five, isn't it Mommy?"

9:11 PM  

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