Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Magic of Snowstorms, part two

Vincent is sick with the flu and while he actually went to work today and yesterday, his absence in the labor of this household has caused me to *gasp* get behind on my blog entries. We will now return to our regularly scheduled blog entry from yesterday...

See....this is what I'm talkin'' about. Sunday we went outside and jumped into the snow with wild abandon. We went sledding down our little hill. We went sledding down our neighbor's driveway. We treated the shoveled sidewalk like a luge track and went sledding down that. Even Adelyn went sledding for the first time - at least I think it was Adelyn - she was bundled so tightly that I couldn't really see her face.

Who is this child?? Posted by Hello

I love living in a town where all of the neighborhood has children the same age as mine, and we can all walk out of our back door and just play. Later, I will tell you how I hate living in a neighborhood where I cannot escape my neighbors, nice as they are, and get some privacy, but usually I adore them. I'm just not that private. See? Here is yet ANOTHER photo of my children, for all to see:

Snow bunnies Posted by Hello

Later, I walked all by myself to Starbucks for a fat free caramel macchiato. It was the first time in weeks that I was able to savor an entire cup of caramel sweetness without interruption. Though the air was cold and I forgot my gloves, the sky had that magical pinkish glow and the world was quiet and it was the best cup of coffee that I have ever had in my life.

(Of course we will do the addition - though you can allegedly make one yourself, how could I move to a house too far to walk to Starbucks if I want one? Besides, I'd have to get my espresso maker out of the basement.)

Yeah, so Sunday we all played together and came inside and made hot chocolate and watched LOTS and LOTS of TV (I'm just not a great mother, OK?), and while I did not actually have sex during this snowstorm I loved it still.

All of us...the down jacket makes me look even fatter than I actually am! Or could it be the caramel macchiatos? Posted by Hello


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