Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday morning weigh-in

OK, OK, so I indignantly proclaimed that I needed to eat before my Thursday night meetings, but did I have to eat an enormous portion of macaroni before weighing in?? I lost a measly .6 lbs this week, but I believe that it's really more like a pound or two. That is, if you subtract the bread and the macaroni and the sausage. Whatever, my pants were less snug, and that's something.

Vincent is gone today from before the kids got up until after they go to bed - he plays poker with some friends tonight - and boy does that add hours to my day. Plus, Riley stays up late on Friday nights to watch Avatar. Is this the weirest show on TV? Vincent likes it too, so it must be like The Three Stooges and Hogan's Heroes - laden with testosterone.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese's after preschool and that killed two hours, but now what? Not to mention that I ate THREE slices of pizza. I got nutritional info online but my little Weight Watchers slide rule just doesn't go up that high, dammit.

Is it Saturday yet??


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