Monday, March 07, 2005

To tired to title this...yawn.

This has been a rough, rough week. Two weeks ago, I thought we were all sick...last week we really were. Suffice it to say that there has been enough vomit, diarrhea and fevers at our house to last a lifetime. And now we are all coughing and gagging and keeping each other up all night. There are used tissues strewn about my house wherever you look, because one blow is never enough for me. Imagine that this is the one area in which I am frugal! The kids are starting to realize that I am allowing Bella to blow her nose in a tissue, and then Riley has to blow in the same one, and well, yuck. It's awful. Stand back, really, and wash your hands once you've finished reading this.

Of course I sent them to The Little Gym on Thursday, sick or not. Because, $570, remember??

Oh I am so going to to hell.

On Friday, I had to stop at the grocery store to pick up a forgotten ingredient. Must I state the obvious and say that I really really hate grocery shopping with all three kids? Anyway, I needed all of three things, so I was optimistic. I parked the car, turned around to tell the kids that we had arrived, and realized that Bella had fallen asleep in her carseat.

Now, what does a good mother do in this situation? I ask this because I honestly don't know. What I did was to put my sleeping daughter into the large portion of the shopping cart (Adelyn sat up front), where she slept, sitting up, until she slumped over with her head resting on the bottom of the shopping cart. Between her legs. Like, when she woke up, she had little lines on her face from the bottom of the cart. Oh, if only I had my camera! I had to physically restrain the bagger from tossing her aside to place the bags in - I'm hoping that she thought Bella was just a jacket or something. Anyway, thank God for Riley and those little kid-sized carts, or we'd have been able to buy exactly nothing.

Bella wakes up as I'm about to put her back in the car and cries that she wants to go shopping. She is sooo my husband's karma.

Speaking of food (do I say that alot?)...I lost 4 lbs. at Weight Watchers last week. Then I went to a bar with my girlfriend to celebrate, which was classier than the sex toy party that I attended the following night. You would have been proud! I won the double dong game (pass it between your knees - sort of like musical chairs for double-sided dildos) and came home with a free vibrator. And you'd think that would have kept me from spending another $85 - but they had all sorts of lotions and sheet sprays and I need all of the incentive I can get these days. Three kids will do that to you I suppose.

So after having the neighbors for dinner last night (now let's see where your minds are - food or sex) I am realizing that it's been another bad week for counting WW points. So it's back to wolfing down 0-point grape tomatoes all day until weigh-in on Thursday. Lucky me!

I have much to tell about Riley but little energy. *cough cough* Maybe later. Plus, thoughts on my mother-daughter relationships and general laziness issues. But of course, if I wasn't so lazy, you'd know all about everything already.

The irony!


Blogger song said...

i needed potatoes today but small child fell asleep in the 5 minutes it took to get to the shops, so I gave up. No caserole for me tonight. He has chicken pox and the whole sleeping thing is so messed up. Found you on dooce, LOVE the name Adelyn.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Stolidoli said...

Thanks! See? You're obviously more caring than I am - I put food right on top of the list. The kids are under food, but over sex.

Thanks for stopping by!


5:20 PM  

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