Tuesday, October 25, 2005


It's cold, it's rainy, I'm suffering from flu symptoms from my flu shot, I think, and poor Adelyn has my crappy veins and it took the nurse about ten minutes last night for the pediatric nurse to draw blood for her iron level. But she's a doll, and we sang songs while the nurse first tightened the arm band, then made me pull it up, then took it off in an effort to get two vials of blood from my sweet little girl.

Things have been hectic - Vincent returned from Munich and then I worked every other night at the hospital, filling in for someone who recently left and has not yet been replaced. I enjoy it depsite the parade of suicidal teenagers, even the one who tried to hang himself in the shower and was found unconscious with a rope around his neck. He was particualrly disarming in his attempt to convince me that he had not attempted to kill himself, that everything was fine, and that he didn't know why he was there, despite the fact that his parents screamed at each other throughout my assessment and signing him in.

I also worked two mornings at the kids' preschool, filling in for my friend, the two year old teacher, while she vacationed with her husband. Believe it or not, working at the hospital is much more relaxing.

But I have recently discovered Jennifer Weiner, and am happily plodding through my SIL's autographed copy of Good in Bed, so things remain pretty good, considering.

I'm becoming a bit morose over my neighbors. I have friends, but many of them work or live far away. I don't really need more, and yet, they're right here, with kids my own children's ages, and well, I'm not sure if I like or trust any of them. Most of them are teamed up in tight circles with one another, and while I know it would be nice to sip tea with my confidant as the children play, as I did yesterday afternoon, I don't have much to say to them. None of my kids are in elementary school yet, so I can't comment on the teachers, or on township government (I'm uninvolved), or gossip about nieghborhood politics. I guess I sort of want to, but not enough to put myself out there as someone to be gossiped about as well, which seems inevitable, doesn't it? Of course, the Catch 22 is that I could be an object of gossip for not being involved in the discussion. Sigh.

We still have grandiose plans for an addition, but no contractor. My mother recenlt found out that my kids were over to visit my father (thanks Riley) and that he took all of his pension money out of the account that was supposed to go to her. She is now popping tranquilizers again.

I cannot for the life of me find a blad head mask thingy fit for a four year old, so how the hell am I going to make Riley look like Avatar? And do I dress Adelyn up as Snow White like her big sister Bella (we have two) or do I do something else for her just so that they're different?

Which all leaves me feeling just sort of...blah. Not depresssed, just unmotivated and generally icky.



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