Saturday, June 24, 2006


Yeah, well, it's been a while, hasn't it? I've been meaning to just suck it up and post forever but it just seemed so damned unreasonable, being that I've missed so many milestones. My next post was supposed to be titled "Five," for Riley's birthday. But on the exact date of Riley's fifth birthday party I became so excruciatingly ill that i didn't get out of bed again until, well... OK, I'm still in bed as much as humanly possible.

So here I am, very very pregnant with another baby girl, whom we are unceremonially planning to have surgically extracated from my body at about 10:30 am on August 4th. Yes, another girl. I am clearly being punished for my adolescence.

Actually, there were lots of tears over the girl thing, mostly (and also most suprisingly) from me. It seems that everyone wanted a boy - Riley because he wanted a brother, Bella because she didn't want another little sister, Vincent and I for "balance," and Adelyn...well, she didn't say so but I think she'd like to stay the littlest princess in our family if she could. Coming from a family with no sisters anywhere in our geneology, I am feeling incredibly sad for my son that he will not have a brother. But, as a well meaning friend pointed out, he will certainly make a very good husband, or be gay or highly metrosexual. I guess he'll be OK regardless. And since my ob/gyn has asked at every single visit including the first one if I am getting my tubes tied this time, we don't really have a choice in the matter. Seems they are very against having a fifth C-Section, something about "risks" or something. Blah blah blah. OK, OK, We're done, I promise. Sheesh.

Soooo....Riley turned five, and Bella turned four, and Adelyn just turned two last week. We celebrated Christmas, and New Year's, Valentine's Day, and Easter. Riley graduated from preschool! Bella had a ballet recital! Don't worry, I'll post pictures of everything. It was all good.

Probably most exciting is that we have begun the "Alleged Home Addition", and, at present, the shell is complete. That is, we have the basement, with walkout stairs, plus the shell of the two-story addition, which is roofed, with soffets and gutters, and electricity, HVAC and plumbing almost complete. They have already broken through and fixed the part upstairs that will be my master bathroom's shower, and they break through my kitchen and upstairs hallway next week. Yes, and of course I have photos of that too. Cabinets are ordered and we are buying the rest tonight - who knew I'd be so excited over toilets and faucets? Oh, and my jacuzzi bathtub, which is being delivered next week as well. YUM. Now who is going to babysit while I take my bath?

Overall, I've been trying very hard to spend absolutely zero time at home, as there are anywhere from 7 to 15 men parading around my house all day and I am currently sleeping in my living room. Plus, they keep knocking my cable line out. In my house, cable = sanity, so you can guess how well I must be doing emotionally. But here I am at work this morning, where there are people crazier than me (OK, maybe not, but they, unlike me, are not free to leave), as well as an active internet connection, so I am finally posting.

There. It's done. Hanging over my head for months, and yet I can't. seem. to. push. the. "publish post". button.

Push the button!