Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Long time gone


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is the reason that I haven't posted in so long. Two pink eye infections, one ear infection, and a wheeze. Three bottles of medication, three times a day each. Plus, 4:00 am wakings, lots of screaming, and a partridge in pear tree.


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and this

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is what Vincent did with the kids to get them out of the house while I puked and Adelyn slept. Because I was hung over. Like a twenty-two year old, only not.


living room Posted by Hello

is the house that I'd like to buy but can just barely not afford to buy. We need to get a bid in by Friday. It's two blocks away from where I live now, so if I am outbid, I can be unusually cruel to the new owners for as long as we all live in this town together.


Blogger Christine said...

I can only see the picture of the living room, but it is gorgeous!!! My fingers are crossed - I hope you get it!!!

I hope everyone is feeling better! ((hugs))

3:11 PM  

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