Saturday, October 29, 2005

All dressed up with nowhere to go

This morning we rushed around like idiots getting into our Scooby Doo get-ups, myself as Daphne, complete with orange-sprayed hair aand large green scarf. Vincent, of course, was Shaggy, Bella was Velma, and Riley Fred because he has "yellow hair." Adelyn made a rowdy Scooby-Doo, and I tranformed the wagon into the Mystery Machine. Perfect.

Vincent headed off for the town parade with the kids in the wagon, and I prepared to follow in the minivan with cameras fully loaded and jackets tucked inside for the cold walk home.

Adelyn would miss her morning nap, but I'd drive her home before the parade ended so she could get some sleep before the neighborhod Mischief Party, a kid's event filled with silly string and shaving cream, that began at 2:00 and ended after I was scheduled to head to work. No worries! I'd arranged to be an hour late.

We were totally on time for our 11:00 am parade debut. With the kids gone, I headed over in the van, only to encounter Vincent already trudging back with the kids.

The parade is at one.


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